Woleet announces OpenTimestamps support

Download your proofs as OpenTimestamps proofs

From ProofDesk, click on one of your data anchors, then on the OpenTimestamps download icon.

Woleet Data Anchoring

Note that due to the current state of OpenTimestamps, signature anchors cannot yet be exported as OpenTimestamps proofs.

Also note that Woleet’s ProofDesk web app, API, verification widget and web libraries, as well as Woleet’s public btcproof.info proof verifier web app, cannot verify OpenTimestamps proofs. Use OpenTimestamps tools for that purpose.

Convert from Chainpoint to OpenTimestamps

Woleet also released a free to use web converter (find it on GitHub). Simply drop your Chainpoint and get the corresponding OpenTimestamps.

Woleet's Chainpoint to OpenTimestamps converter
Woleet’s Chainpoint to OpenTimestamps converter

What does it change for me?

Nothing! While OpenTimestamps is a quite relevant proof format, Woleet’s main supported format remains Chainpoint 2.0, until a consensus and specification emerges.

Woleet proofs are anyway format agnostic, whichever format may be relevant in the future, Woleet would support it.

By providing OpenTimestamps support, Woleet wants to show his support to this open initiative. Since today Chainpoint and OpenTimestamps are relevant, we decided not to decide, and to provide the best of both to our customers.